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What is Visa?

All visitors to Korea should possess a visa that corresponds to their purpose for entering Korea. The visa should be pasted
on the passport. In Korea, a visa represents the 'consul's recommendation for a foreigner's entry request.' Therefore, even
if one were to have a Korean visa, one can still be denied entry to Korean soil should an immigration officer find some requirements unsatisfactory after inspection.

※ Korea Visa Portal ( Provides accurate information on visa-related matters, as well as easy and
convenient services for visa application and issuance (Available in English and Chinese)

■ Republic Of Korea Visa

 ① Visa No. : Serial No. of Visa Issuance
 ② Status : The type of identity or social activities the foreigner may engage in while residing in Korea
 ③ Period of Sojourn : The period of stay allowed starting from the date of entry into Korea
 ④ Entries : Visa type (S : Single-entry Visa, D : Doubleentry Visa , M : Multiple-entry Visa )
 ⑤ Issue Date : The date of visa issuance
 ⑥ Final Entry Date : Expiration date of the visa (Entry into Korea must be done by the Final Entry Date. The visa will be
                              invalid after the Final Entry Date)
 ⑦ Issued at : Information on the diplomatic mission that issued the visa


Visa Types by Stay Status

The types of Visas by stay status are divided into a total of 15 categories as shown in the image below. More details may be found on the Korea Visa Portal ( → Visa by Categories
Visa by Categories
• Short Term Visit  • Medical Treatment  • Study·Language  • Professional  • Intra-Company
• Journalism·Religious Affairs  • Investment  • International Trade  • Overseas Korean
• Work and Visit  • Family Visitor·Dependent Family  • Marriage Migrant   • Trainee
• Non-Professional  • Diplomacy·Official Business
※ Click on 'Diplomacy · Official Business' for information on the application eligibility and range of activities for Diplomacy
    (A-1) and Foreign Government Official (A-2) visas.


Visa Application Process

■ There are four ways to apply for your visa.

   ① Make an electronic visa application through Korea Visa Portal.
   ② Submit a visa application through the embassies or consulates of South Korea in the country of residence.
   ③ Apply for a visa certificate through the Visa Portal.
   ④ Submit a visa issuance certificate application to the immigrations offices in South Korea (the Immigration Office which has the jurisdiction over the address of the inviter.)

 • You may find more details in the Visa Portal website of South Korea (https:// → Visa information/application process.