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Advanced Payment Card (T-money Card, Cash Bee Card)

You can find transportation card in any convenience store and subway station. You can use transportation
card in bus, subway, taxis and all the public transits in Incheon. You can also use cash if
you have enough money in your transportation card. The card costs 2,500 won and you may top up
card value in amounts of 1,000 won. There are 3 types of transportation cards, each type catered to
a different audience, i.e. the general public, youth and children. However, these cards may not be
used in certain areas.


Post Payment Card

The post-paid transportation card issued by mainly credit card companies.
Generally, as checks and credit card is equipped with RF features they can be used as a transit
card. The post-paid transportation card is approved with a concept of credit not a concept of balance
in advanced payment card so it is a advantage to use immediately without having money.
It can be used nationwide and may be only issued to those aged 19 and above. Youth discounts are
not applicable. Thus, it is more convenient for high school students and younger students to use the
advanced payment card.

※ Things to note while using transportation card
  - Those who can use post payment card are limited in the issue subject of credit card from the
     each card company.
  - You should check whether the check card or credit you have is installed the function of transportation
     or not (the back of credit card must have a mark of post payment transportation card displayed)
  - The riding fee paid by post payment card will be charged in the usage of card next month
  - If you have 2 or more transportation cards, when you try to contact transportation card on transportation
    card terminal, error might be happened or the fare will be double charged.

※ Source : Guidebook for foreigners, daily living information in Incheon

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