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Yonghyeon-dong Mul-teombeong Street

A monkfish is known as Mul-teombeong in Incheon. Mul-teombeong,
once just a cheap hangover soup, somehow came into limelight as
a delicacy food. Crisp bean sprouts and spicy flavors complement
the chewy texture of fish in this highly nutritional dish. It helps the
body recover from fatigue and is good for the prevention of arteriosclerosis and diabetes.

Hwapyeong-dong Naengmyeon Street

The Naengmyeon street in Hwapyeong-dong is famous for its
'Sesut-daeya Naengmyeon .' Normal servings of Naengmyeon
may be a little lacking for a meal but the cold noodles in Hwapyeong-dong are served in generous portions at exceptionally reasonable prices.

Bupyeong-dong Mae-un-tang Street

The Mae-un-tang Street in Bupyeong-dong came out around 40
years ago. Despite being known as a Mae-un-tang street, there is
wide variety of menu items for a satisfying meal. After a full meal,
one may enjoy shopping at the Bupyeong traditional market and
Bupyeong underground shopping center.

Yeollakgol Chueo-tang Street

Villagers of Yeollakgol enjoyed loach soup as plenty of loaches may be caught in rice fields. Currently, there are many loach soup specialty restaurants in the village which is also known as 'Loach
Village.' Enjoy loach soup with sizzling Dolsot-bap (hot stone pot rice) and complete the meal with Sungnyung (scorched-rice water) for a satisfying meal.

Yeonan Pier Baendaengi (Large-eyed Herring) Street

Raw Baendaengi Street is located in the Marine Center (also called Baendaengi Building) right next to Yeonan pier, where raw
Baendaengi salad is mainly sold. Raw Baendaengi salad, tossed with all kinds of marinated sauce, has a unique spicy taste. It is in season from the end of May to the beginning of July. Before its breeding season nears, the flesh of Baendaengi is at its best and the savory and clean taste of the fish reaches its peak. This is the best time to eat raw Baendaengi with rice.

Deorimi Grilled Eel Town

Deorimi Town is located in Sinjeong-ri, Seonwon-myeon under
Gapgot, which is along the coastal road on the other end of
Ganghwadaetyo bridge  or Chojidaegyo bridge . A place where freshwater from the Hangang river  and salty seawater from the West Sea meet, the whole town is packed with grilled eel restaurants. Savour delicious grilled eel while enjoying the view of the sea.

Dong-Incheon Samchi (Mackerel) Street

Samchi (mackerel) Street in Dong-Incheon originated from 'Inha
House.' Inha House has roots dating back 50 years and it moved to
its current location in Dong-Incheon over 30 years ago. In order to
capture the taste buds and hearts of guests, various kinds of grilled fish were offered but of course, grilled Samchi was the most popular of all. Jung-gu, Incheon designated Samchi Street as a special food district in year 2002.
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