Bupyeong Underground Shopping Mall

Connected to Bupyeong Station, it is known as the center for fashion with many stores offering the latest fashion and accessories. It once held the world record as the largest underground shopping mall in a single area.
• Telephone Inquiries : (032)523-9991
• Access : Alight at Bupyeong Station (Subway line 1)
                (By bus) Take bus no. 2,10,11,23,24-1,34,35,
                40,43,46,111, 111-2,112,552,555,556,557,558,561,
                and alight at Bupyeong Station


In Wolmido, there are cultural streets, stroll courses, an amusement
park, and various cultural performances going on.
• Telephone Inquiries : (032)765-4169
• Access : Alight at Incheon Station (Subway line 1) and take a bus
                (By bus) Take bus no. 2, 23 or 45, and alight at 

Incheon Jayu Park

The first western style park in Korea. During April, cherry trees are
in full bloom. The Port of Incheon and Wolmido may be seen from
the peak of Jayu Park.
• Telephone Inquiries : (032)761-4774
• Access: Alight at Incheon Station (Subway line 1) and walk for 15
               (By bus) Take bus no. 2,4,10,12,15,16,21,22,23,24,28,45,
                            112,306,307 or 506
                and alight at Incheon station, Dongincheon station

Incheon Grand Park

One of the biggest parks in Incheon with natural greens spanning
extensively across the park. It is made up of various themes (a zoo,
a bike plaza, a rose park and more).
• Telephone Inquiries : (032)466-7282
• Access: (By bus) Take bus no.8,11,14-1,15,16-1,22,30,33,103,532,
                              535-1 or 536 and  alight at Incheon Grand Park

Gyehangjang Street and Chinatown

Exotic culture may be experienced amidst buildings in Gyehangjang Street and the Chinatown area which were constructed during the same period when the Port of Incheon opened.
• Telephone Inquiries : (032)777-1330
• Access : Alight at Incheon Station (Subway line 1) (located
                across the station plaza)
                (By bus) Take bus no. 2,3,4,5,6,6-1,12,15,16,17-1,
                             22,23,24,28, 41,45,46,105,112,306,507 or 519
                              and alight at Incheon Station

Songdo Central Park

First park in Korea with man-made waterways created using  seawater.
It boasts water taxis and various walking trails.
• Telephone Inquiries : (032)721-4415
• Access : Alight at Central Park Station (Incheon Subway line 1)
                (By bus) Take bus no. 6-2,9,16,81,82,92,103-1,780,780-1,
                             780-2,908 or 6405 
                              and alight at Central Park Station

Gyeongin Ara Waterway

A large-scale rock festival participated by famous rock musicians in Korea and all over the world.
First waterway in Korea connecting the lower Han River to the
Western Sea. Bordered by long trails, it is good for riding bikes.
• Telephone Inquiries : 1899-3650
• Access : Take bus no. 1 and alight at ARA Incheon Passenger
* Sicheonnaru (Bus) 1,7,13,17,28,66,77,79,81,90,308,591, 700,
                               Get off at Gumam station
* Gyulhyunnaru (Bus) 30,76,78,81,82,905,1100,1101,1900, 9801
                                Get off at Gyeyang station



Also known as a 'museum without a roof,' Ganghwa-do has many
scenic attractions (dolmens, Gwangseongbo, Jeondeungsa etc.)
that reflect its colorful history and diverse culture. It attracts many
tourists due to its close proximity to the metropolitan area.
• Telephone Inquiries : (032)933-3563
• Access : Head to respective attractions upon arrival at Ganghwa
                Bus Terminal
• Website : tour.ganghwa.incheon.kr

Sorae Port

A port in the middle of a city, it is a place with unique scenery.
Sorae Wetland Ecological Park boasts exotic landscapes and in
particular, cheap and tasty webfoot octopus.
• Telephone Inquiries : (032)442-6887
• Access : (By bus) Take bus no. 20,21,27,51-1,754,790 or 3102 /
                Change to Suin Line at  Woninjae Station (Incheon 
                Subway line 1) and alight at Soraepogu Station

Incheon Metropolitan City Museum

Incheon Metropolitan City Museum opened in April 1946 as the first
public museum in Korea. It has 3 exhibition halls and other exhibition
• Telephone Inquiries : (032)440-6750~1
• Admission Fee : Free
• Opening Hours : 09:00~18:00
• Closed On : Every Monday, the following day of public holidays
                    and January 1st
 •Access : (By bus) Take bus no.8,16,,65-1,111-2 or 65-1

Sudoguksan Museum of Housing and Living

Take a trip through time when you visit Sudoguksan Museum of
Housing & Living, where the old houses of Sudoguksan are restored
and exhibited to give you a taste of life in the 60s and 70s.
• Telephone Inquiries : (032)770-6131~3
• Admission Fees :
Types Individuals Group
(Over 20 people)
Children (5~12yrs) KRW 500 KRW 250
Teenagers(13~18yrs), Soldiers KRW 700 KRW 350
Adults (19~64yrs) KRW 1000 KRW 500
Less than 4 yrs and
over 65 yrs
Free Free
• Opening Hours: 09:00~18:00
• Closed On : Every Monday, the very day of the Lunar New Year
                    Holidays and Chuseok, January 1
• Access : Dongincheon Station (Subway line 1) Exit 4, 
                 Get off at Songhyeon market
                 / Take city bus no. 4,9,21,22,24,28,112,306,306A,307
                                             or 507

※ Source : Guidebook for foreigners, daily living information in Incheon