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펜타포스 페스티벌 2017

Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival

A large-scale rock festival participated by famous rock musicians in Korea and all over the world.
•Official website : www.pentaportrock.com
                         (Available in English and Japanese)

Incheon Bupyeong Pungmul Festival

(Selected as the representative festival for the '2015 representative performing arts festival and tourism resource development project')
Farming culture was formed, and institutions and customs
have developed in Bupyeong since olden times. This festival which includes diverse performances, exhibitions, and events is held every year to succeed Bupyeong's tradition.
•Official website : www.bpf.or.kr ☏ (032)509-7516

Sorae Port Festival

Amidst the city, taste, fun and excitement may be enjoyed at this natural port through a wide variety of cultural events and various seafood sales and experience.
•Official website : www.soraefestival.net

Other Major Festivals

Period Event Event Information Telephone No.
Mid-April Incheon Grand Park Cherry Blossom Festival Hands-on, participatory events and flower festivals, etc. Incheon Grand Park
Between April to May Goryeosan Azalea Festival Promotion and sale of specialty products from Ganghwa Goryeosan Azalea Festival Promotion Committee
Between April to May Ganghwa Dolmen Cultural Festival Dolmen-related hands-on events etc. Ganghwa Cultural Festival Promotion Committee
Between July to August Muuido Summer Sea Dance Festival Hands-on learning, dance festival etc. Muuido Art Center
Mid-September Incheon Open Port Festival International parade etc. Jemulpo Culture Center
Between September to October Ganghwa Ginseng Festival Firsthand experience with Ganghwa Ginseng etc. Ganghwa Ginseng Festival Promotion Committee
Mid-October Incheon-China Culture Tourism Festival Culture tourism event Culture Art Development Conference
Mid-December Jeongseojin Sunset Festival Sunset event, celebratory performances etc. Incheon Seo-gu Office
※ Source : Guidebook for foreigners, daily living information in Incheon

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