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2017 Incheon Policy Orientation

  • Incheon Vision

    Dream of Incheon, the Vision of Korea

  • Administrative objectives and policies
    A New Incheon, happy citizens

    A Plentiful life for our citizens

    A dynanimc global city

    Creating a unique brand value for Incheon

    People-centric administration

  • Core policies
    in 2017

    Building Incheon as an independent city

    Achieving fiscal stability targets

    Increasing employment and stimulating
    the local economy

Policy 1. Reaching fiscal stability targets

Incheon will normalize its fiscal budget by 2018

  1. Executing the 3-Year Plan for Fiscal Soundness without complications

Policy 2. Producing tangible results with current projects

Incheon will solve complex problems one at a time

  1. Solve long-standing issues so that the citizens can feel the benefits.
  2. Creating a transportation network with Incheon at its center
  3. Improving metropolitan region landfill policies
    Implementing follow-up measures agreed upon by the four relevant stakeholders

Policy 3. Recreating the value of Incheon

Incheon will turn its tangible and intangible assets into shining gemstones

Korea’s first and
Incheon’s best icon
- Incheon Bridge
  1. Achieving balanced development and linking cultural assets of the early modern times in Incheon Recreating the old city center
  2. Recreating the value and appeal of 168 treasure-laden islands
  3. Specializing historical and cultural heritage unique to Incheon
  4. Sustainably recreating the value of Incheon together with the people

Policy 4. Building Incheon as an independent city

The goal of securing independence in public welfare, culture, transportation, environment, and maritime affairs is a triumph for our people

  1. Incheon, a prosperous city where people empathize with one another
  2. Incheon, a city full of cultural flavor
  3. Creating a people-centric transportation system
  4. Incheon, a global capital of sustainable green growth
  5. Creating Incheon as a city of maritime culture

Policy 5. Creating more jobs and stimulating the local economy

Incheon promises to bring hope to the people, create better jobs, and explore future markets for the city

  1. Bringing hope to the people, creating better jobs
  2. Stimulating the local economy by protecting and developing local industries
  3. Focusing on developing future markets for Incheon

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