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Park Nam-chun, Mayor of the Incheon Metropolitan City

Greetings! I am Park Namchoon,

Mayor of the Incheon Metropolitan City.

I welcome everyone visiting the online Mayor’s Office.

The one thing that every high-ranking official emphasizes,
the one thing that we could all be better at,
the one thing that citizens wish from public officials.

I that one thing may be ‘communication.’

Former President Roh Moo hyun once said,
“Politics that fail to answer the call of its citizens,
do not deserve to exist.”
Now, that is my political philosophy as well.

I will listen carefully to each and every voice.
I will implement proposals and recommendations we really need
and use them to build a ‘special era for Incheon’ where citizens own the city.
To ensure a transparent administration,
I will be open and transparent to the city government.

The online Mayor’s Office, a place where we can come closer together
is always open to you.
So, please come and visit often.
Thank you.

Park Namchoon

Mayor of Incheon Metropolitan City

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