Administrative Districts

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Incheon Metropolitan City
Administrative District
Gu · Gun Tel homepage
Jung-gu TEL +82-32-760-7114 Jung-gu Hompage 
Dong-gu TEL +82-32-761-0151 Dong-gu Hompage 
Nam-gu TEL +82-32-887-1011 Nam-gu Hompage 
Yeonsu-gu TEL +82-32-749-7114 Yeonsu-gu Hompage 
Namdong-gu TEL +82-32-466-3811 Namdong-gu Hompage 
Bupyeong-gu TEL +82-32-509-6114 Bupyeong-gu Hompage 
Gyeyang-gu TEL +82-32-551-5701 Gyeyang-gu Hompage 
Seo-gu TEL +82-32-562-5301 Seo-gu Hompage 
Ganghwa-gun TEL +82-32-930-3114 Ganghwa-gun Hompage 
Ongjin-gun TEL +82-32-899-2114 Ongjin-gun Hompage 

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